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Birthdate:Feb 21
Patrik Gunnar Hedinn was a commercial fisherman, making a living in Norway with his family. But when his wife died giving birth a pair of twin boys Patrik took the advice of his brother Gregor and moved with his four wild, unstoppable young boys, to the coast of Alaska in the mid 1940’s.

Together they build up a commercial fishing fleet from one, barely seaworthy barge to a fleet of five new fishing vessels, all crewed by long time, competent friends or more importantly? Family. Both Patrik and Greger came from a long line of fishermen, stretching back far before his grandfather's days, back to when his people sailed - not in fishing boats - but in ocean sailing dragon ships. As such, both men and their children left their beards long and their hair braided back.

It was a long time family saying that the Hedinn family made their men big and their women pretty. And it was true. To the man, each and every one of them stood easily six foot and over, and weighed in excess of two hundred twenty pounds, some closer to the three hundred mark. Big men, strong men, who lived and died braving the oceans' fury.

Marie Cooper was introduced to Patrik a few years after his arrival in Alaska. Dark haired, dark eyed, she was quick to laugh, and quick to flash, and fell in love with the both the big, gruff man with wild hair and unusual accent, and his pack of children. Together they found that they had far more in common than they had first realized. Leaving her river village behind, she married Patrik and moved to the coast as he went to the seas, giving birth to three more children along the way.

Marta and William, another set of twins were born to the happy band; and finally, last but not least, little Kacee who came tearing out of her mother’s womb, ready to make war on the world. The little sister to five bigger, older, rougher brothers and one quick to flare up older sister; she spent her early years home schooled, or out on the ocean, helping to haul in that week's catch.

Not one for dresses, not one for ribbons or dolls, young Kacee preferred to be out on the SS Predator, listening to her uncle spin yarns about her extended family back in Europe. She hauled fish in, braving the ocean, the wind and salt, the storms, same as any boy. On her parents recommendation she also spent part of every summer, same as her older siblings with her mother’s tribe, living and learning how to exist off the land near the Cooper River. And finally, little Kacee wasn't so little any more.

It took a freakishly bad storm and a distance too far from shore, a boat tipping over under a slew of waves for Kacee's talent to roar to life, but roar it did. Days later, her fur mud caked and bedraggled and not far from where she'd made her first kill Kacee finally met up with her Buri-jaan, her uncle Gregor.

It was then that Kacee's real schooling began.
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