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Strength: Mountain Guardians are the strongest of the Gurahl and have an advantage over other werebears when engaging in activities that require physical strength.

Weakness: Challenge bound – dif to refuse a challenge or a dare, even if they know they are hopelessly overmatched. A guardian may attempt to resist this urge with a willpower roll.

Gurahl gain access to the Umbra in a dif manner than the Garou. Instead of stepping sideways the Gurahl learn a relatively simple rite which enables them to rend the gauntlet temporarily, creating a hole for them to pass through.

Adamant will (willpower) – begin with will power of 6 and gain 1 automatic success in any opposed willpower rolls that directly involves their compulsion to defend and protect. More dif for vamp or mage to influence mind of a Gurahl. Any roll involving attempt to dominate or use mind magic suffers a +2 penalty. In gen Gurahl find that whenever they are engaged in a contest of wills over something they consider to be part of their sacred duty to Gaia, they have a boost from Bear to aid them.

Intractability – corresponding stubborn streak that makes it diff if not impossible for them to change their minds once they have set on a course of action. They surround themselves with traditions and rituals which sometimes blinds them to new ways of doing things. Whenever someone attempts to convince Gurahl to alter way of thinking, the Gurahl must make concerted effort to overcome her own mindset in order to do so. The trick of course, is to get to the Gurahl before she has had a chance to make up her mind.

Keen Smell – extraordinarily refined sense of smell. In all forms but homid, they have keenly perceptive noses that can smell enemies coming long before they can see them.

Bhernocht –a state of profound depression and despair. Listless and apathetic, obsessed with sense of her own failure. They may even enter a state of deep hibernation.

Persuasion (level 1) gift to act as teachers and leaders among their human kinfolk

Ursa’s light (lev 1) draws light from the stars to use as directional beacon or provide illumination for an area.

Voice of woe (level 1) (warning to other creatures inc other werebears)

Slash of the Death Bear (1) ahroun gift – razor claws – calls out to Mangi as he sharpens his claws

Open seal (leve1) as the garou Ragabash gift Skill: Gaia's Gift
With this Gift the Garou can open any sort of closed or locked device. He rolls his Gaia's Gift skill against the Gauntlet of the area. A Raccoon Spirit teaches this Gift.

Mangis strong arms (lev 2) added strength to infamous ‘bear hug’ ability to squeeze opponent to point of unconsciousness or death

Weather watch (level 2)

Climate control – (level 2) can change tem in immediate vicinity from 5 to 25 degrees in either direction. Can encompass up to five human sized indiv. Use of gift can make dif between survival or death from hypothermia or heatstroke.

Shelter of the earth –(level 3) possible to disappear amid local landscape using tall grasses, trees or other feature of terrain as camouflage.

Sense need – (lev 3) by opening sense to world around and listening to unvoiced sounds of suffering and despair, Gurahl can focus on often silent call of someone in need of succor or rescue.--

Gnaw – (level 4) As garou lupus gift The Garou may strengthen his jaw to the point where it can chew through just about anything. If used in combat this Gift gives +4 Damage on bite attacks until the end of the Sequence. If used outside of combat then the Gift lasts until the object has been destroyed. A Wolf Spirit teaches this Gift.

Sweet swarm of vengeance (level 4) can summon a swarm of angry bees to surround and harry an enemy, As little as a few dozed to as many as a thousand enraged bees will respond to wearbear calling


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