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Character Application

Name: Kacee G Hedinn. (Kacee Catch-the-Wind-Running)
Fandom: WoD
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Keih
Tribe: Mountain: Mountain Guardian
PB: Debi Laszewski

Background: Mother and Father were both kinfolk. Her uncle was Gurahl who became her Buri-jaan.
Concept: Healer/Veterinarian
Alignment: Saintly (within limits of course)

Height: 6 ft 3" (homid form) In Crinos: about roughly 18 ft tall
Weight: 215 lbs (homid form) In Crinos: Nearly 2000 lbs
Hair: Blond (homid) In Crinos: Honey brown
Eyes: Lt brown
Strength: Homid: Strong. Arthren: Stronger In Crinos: mmm, real strong. Strong as in able to to rip large trees out of the ground; or upend logging trucks kind of strong.

Physical Description: Large, carnivorous, has claws. I kid!... sort of.

Member of an Alaskan offshore fishing family, Kacee grew up used to heavy work and the ache of muscles straining after a long day, the feel of calluses on her hands and the bite of the arctic winds on her face. The youngest of seven children, Kacee was her father's pet and the terror of her elder siblings. Not only did she brawl like a little hellion, but worst of all, the wretch cheated, using her agile body, her quick temper and fast, hard fists to make her displeasure known. And as in big families, as soon as two children got into it, they all did. Kacee however, always seemed to know, to sense when adults were coming and be racing around the corner just as her parents arrived to break things up.

As an adult, Kacee has finally managed to temper some of her anger with wisdom, preferring to take out her aggression, and her boredom in sporting pursuits. Competition Weightlifting, and body building are but two of the activities that she's gotten into. Free fall mountain climbing is another, and she’s tried her hand at cave diving a half dozen times now. and then there's the occasional bar brawl After going on her Gallivant with her Buri-jaan (her Gurahl teacher/mentor) Kacee decided to do something with her life, something beyond fresh fish and ocean air.

Ergo, many student loans and thousands upon thousands of dollars later, after living overseas for eight years, Kacee graduated from the University of Glasgow Veterinary School. She came back to Alaska and began working from almost the onset at a Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center, becoming one of their prime Lecturers on the subject. Later she took time off to write a book on the habits of wild bears, spending some three years in the wilds and studying the lifestyles and habits of bears. Up close and personal, that is, after conceiving and giving birth herself while in Ursine form to a pair of cubs. Both of them were like their father, Kodiak to the core, and unable to change.

It was while she was writing the book that she got pregnant again in homid form. This time? She gave birth to a little boy. And this time she stuck around. His father was an Airforce Special Police stationed in Alaska, and when his deployment was up, Kacee and the baby came back with him.

Taking a job with the California Fish and Game Dept, she now works closely with several organizations and specializes in Big Animal rescue/rehabilitation. She’s dealt with bears, big cats, even large snakes in her line of work, rescuing them from animal side shows and unscrupulous or uncaring private owners, while helping to raise her son Brandon. Brandon’s father (who she never married) has physical custody of the young teen although they share joint custody of the boy, and, being kinfolk himself he understands when she suddenly has to take off for days, weeks at a time.


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